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Ekotekprodukts Ltd possesses many years of successful experience in practical implementation of hundreds of engineering projects in the following areas:

  1. Solar Heating and Hot Water Supply Systems.
  2. Industrial Heat Pumps water/water, ammonia/water, air/water and air/air.
  3. Geothermal Heating.
  4. Industrial installations for recuperation of waste technological heats.
  5. Industrial plates heat exchangers systems for liquid, gas and aggressive heat carriers.
  6. Industrial boilers and hot water installations on gas or biomass (wood pellets or chips)
  7. High efficiency steam-traps installations.
  8. Installations for production of carbonised wood.
  9. Wood pallets production installations.
  10. Wood biofuel warehousing.
  11. Waste wood utilisation installations.
  12. Industrial ovens and dryers.
  13. Milling and grinding installations.
  14. Industrial heating, ventilation and conditioning installations.
  15. Infrared gas heating installations.
  16. Thermal isolation of industrial buildings, thermo-physical estimates and optimal thermo-economic analysis of isolation systems.
  17. Thermal isolation of pipelines.
  18. Cogeneration based on natural gas and wood bio fuels.
  19. Evaluation of thermal isolations of buildings.
  20. Monitoring and control systems for energy parameters and mass carriers.
  21. Economic analysis and estimation of investment projects.
  22. Practical experience in the valuation of energy efficiency projects.
  23. Energy Efficiency projects verifications.
  24. Energy management of industrial entities.

Ekotekproducts Ltd. possesses the most up-to-date engineering measuring instrumentation necessary for precise thermal and electrical measurement accomplishment and our highly qualified engineers are capable to propose and estimate realistically almost all projects related with “Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources” programs.